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Show & tell for game developers, designers, and artists!

Working on your best game yet? Improve even further through iteration based on feedback by your peers!

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A few things you can expect...

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Share Your W.I.P.

Post what you're working on! Share artwork, 3D models, animations, audio, code, and more!

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Collect & Give Feedback

Help each other grow and master skills! Improve your work based on iterations by the community!

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Support Game Devs!

Tip fellow developers and support the development of independent games!

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Grow Your Team

Expand your team, showcase your work, and build a player-base with custom team & game micro-sites!

Questions & Answers

  • We're hoping to cater to anyone and everyone who works on games. This would include developers, designers, artists, modellers, writers, animators, composers, video producers, etc.

    To ensure this is true, we are working on a variety of different post types: Image, Animated, 3D Model, Audio, Video, Code, and Text. Each with their own categories and tags to ensure proper sorting.

    Of course, we are also open to implementing more post types to make sure that you're capable of showing off your work no matter what kind of talent you contribute to the games you work on!

  • No! Or, well, maybe a little? This really depends on what you plan on sharing! We encourage you only share things that you are ready to share and that you fully own.

    As expected when sharing anything on the internet, there's always the risk of your work being copied.

    But the whole point of this platform is to help other game developers find inspiration and help you iterate on your work based on the feedback provided by the community!

  • While browsing, sharing, iterating, commenting, creating game pages, and saving to personal collections will definitely be 100% free, some power-user features will be locked behind a membership.

    This will include creating team pages, generating custom team and game micro-sites, getting increased posting and file size limits, and plenty more!

    AttrctMode will also have a tipping feature that will allow you to support games and developers that you like! Money earned through the tipping feature can be used to pay for your membership if you wish to do so!

  • Get your player-base involved in your game's development by taking their valuable feedback on each of your posts! You can also help your peers by commenting with your own feedback!

    Iterate based on comments and keep your iterations grouped together under the original post to see your progress and improvement! Other members can also iterate your posts directly using the Replay feature!

    Look for inpiration by browsing specific post types, categories, and tags! Become even better at what you do by learning new standards and seeing what the hottest trends are!

    Enable tipping to help support the development of your games!

  • We'd love to hear your ideas! Suggest some right here!

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